Can Fasting solve Cognitive Functioning?

Fasting has many benefits, but is Cognitive Function one of them? Find out now.

Cognitive skills are brain-based skills that are needed in the acquisition of knowledge, manipulation of information, and reasoning. 

Dr. Wang says "When we age, our organs are prone to chronic inflammation called "inflammaging, Chronic inflammation contributes to cognitive decline and dementia potentially due to plaque buildup in the brain. Fasting counters this by reducing inflammation."

 A study in 2019 shows that intermittent fasting can slow cognitive decline and improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease in mice.

Though many believe the cognitive benefits of fasting are restricted to the elderly, a small 2016 study tested amateur weightlifters after a 48 hour fast and found that fasting improved mental flexibility, which was defined as their ability to quickly and efficiently switch between tasks.

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