The Best Fast Breaking Supplements

Find out which supplements will stop you from living your best fasting life.

 If you supplement while fasting, it’s essential to know which supplements could break your fast. This will help you decide if you should take them with a meal or during your fasting period

  • Gummy multivitamins. These mostly contain small amounts of sugar, protein, and sometimes fat, which could break your fast.
  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs trigger an insulin response that opposes autophagy, a of the many benefit of fasting. Autophagy allows the body to remove unnecessary or dysfunctional components.
  • Protein powder. Protein powder contains calories and triggers an insulin response, that stops your fasting.
  • Certain ingredients. Supplements that contain ingredients like maltodextrin, pectin, cane sugar, or fruit juice concentrate contain sugar and calories that could break your fast.

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