Get your fasting journey right with these tips

Get better with just six tips

1. Drink Water - If you don't drink enough water you may feel drowsy and very weak

2. Begin with short gaps - It is best for beginners to start with 5 - 10 hour fasts and take bigger steps from there.  If you start with longer fasts you may experience headaches or dizziness and eventually give up.

3.  Avoid over-eating during intermittent fasting - It doesn't make sense to fast and then eat as much food you would eat on a regular day or more.

4. Be aware of not eating less -  Moderation is the key however eating less will only deprive your body of the essential nutrients and make you weak, which of course isn't something that you want. 

5. Have patience - Your goals take time and hard work, so don't expect them to be accomplished in a day.

6. Travel for fasting - We provide the best information and an amazing personal fasting assistant.

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