Why having a group is better than losing weight alone.

Even with all the sheer willpower, you think you have, it’s just harder losing weight on your own. Through the times you’ll feel unmotivated, having a group to support you can help you push through the thought of giving up.

It's well known humans accomplish things better in a group than by themselves. It isn’t impossible to accomplish weight loss on your own, but it certainly leaves you swimming in self-doubt at times. Even if you mess up, there will be people there to give you words of encouragement and support.

Staying in a support group is also beneficial because of the social comparison theory. Even if everyone is losing weight, there are going to be people who are doing better and worse. There are two ways to consider this, either watching other people’s success to motivate you or doing better than the other members.

Studies show you’ll lose five times more weight in a group than doing it on your own. The power of surrounding yourself with people with the same goals and struggles impacts your results.

Another study says 95% of individuals who did a weight-loss program with friends or in a group completed the program successfully.

Being in a group allows you to vent your struggles, whether it’s mental or physical, and the other members help you push you forward.

Travel for Fasting’s health programs uses 72 hour intermittent fasting periods along with low-carb ketogenic eating windows and group conversations and venting to make sure you don't feel alone, have greater motivation, and make new friends. 

In your time while discussing with peers about your intermittent fasting experience, you’ll find everyone has your same goal. To be healthier.

Travel For Fasting runs Intermittent Fasting programs in the most beautiful parts of the world. There are programs as short as 4 days and as long as 28 days, that help people just like you feel supported, increase willpower, and feel inspired.

The programs are affordable, comprehensive and are sure to get you the physical and in person support that is many times greater than if you try to do it by yourself at home

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