Gillian Ayian

After reaching her highest weight possible, she knew had to make a change in her life. Follow in on Gillian's weight loss story.

How did you feel before losing weight?

During Gillian's pre-weight loss days, there were aspects of her body that made her feel insecure. Though she would consider herself a notably confident individual, her stomach and arms were things she would try to hide. She did this by covering those areas in clothes to conceal the extra fat there. You might notice in yourself you are a bit insecure if you ever find yourself pulling your shirt down always or choosing baggy clothing. Another reason for her being overweight, other than a poor diet, came from her not being active enough. Activities like sports and climbing the stairs had fatigued her easily.

What sort of health conditions did you have due to the weight?

Thankfully, she had not yet suffered from any serious health conditions. Unfortunately, for many, that isn't the situation. Just because your body may not seem to suffer from any problems, or you think "you are too strong or not as obese" for things like that, doesn't mean you are not at risk for it. Eating poorly alone can cause you to get problems like diabetes or cardiovascular issues. Being overweight only makes the chances even higher, but it does not mean that no one of a slimmer size isn't at risk. 

What is the one thing or many things at once that made you realize its time to change

When Gillian had her weight up at 100.2kg(220lbs), a weight she had never hit in her life, is when she realized it was time to change. Too often, it's easy to ignore a slowly fluctuating number, seeing 50 rise to 60, before we know it, you are already 50 pounds overweight. Monitoring your weight is important. Though it's important not to be obsessive about the scale, you should at least know your weight or bodily measurements every few weeks.

What was the biggest struggle you went through with weight loss?

Eating smaller portions had been a challenge for Gillian as she had been consuming larger meals throughout her entire life. This is an easy pit to fall in, as adding an extra spoon of rice assuming this plate "won't fill us enough" can cause us to eat much more than is normal. She had to make more filling, smaller meals now. She did this by incorporating foods such as avocados into her recipes, so she didn't feel constant hunger.

Did anything impact you to make it harder to lose weight?

During Gillian's journey, nothing had impacted her, fortunately, though that may not be the same for others. These days, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected several individuals in their routines, diets, and emotions. The stress, anxiety, loneliness, and loss throughout these past months have made it easy for people to slip up on their health, only worsening it. Though it may seem useless to try again for some, your health comes first, and it's never too late to work on that.

What kept you motivated throughout the weight loss?

For Gillian, her support system had kept her motivated throughout the process. It consisted of her family and friends that had helped her keep going. When choosing to lose weight, if you can do it with a support group, go for it. Studies show people are more successful when they have others to support and hold them accountable than doing it alone. Though there is no problem doing it alone, and it might even make you stronger as you are completely independent.

How much weight did you lose in total?

She had lost 30kgs in total, or 66lbs.

How do you feel now after losing weight?

After losing weight, Gillian feels much more energetic and has higher self-esteem. Once shedding off the pounds, it's almost like living in a different perspective as not only your physical health betters, but your mental one does in areas like creativity, clarity, confidence, and cognitive.

How is your confidence now?

Now for Gillian, her confidence is at an all-time high, though occasionally, she still has insecurities. For most days, she is very confident.

What are some things you couldn't do before weight loss that you can do now?

Exercising for long periods is now possible due to Gillian's weight loss. Through muscle strengthening throughout her body and in her heart, she can do more thorough and intense workouts. Since the heart is a muscle in itself, even if you are larger or thinner, you might find yourself struggling to have the stamina for long if you don't constantly work out. Working out strengthens the heart, which allows better blood flow and strength.

What did you learn about yourself throughout the journey?

"I learned that I am very strong-willed and that when I put my mind to something I am able to achieve it."

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