Using a Sauna after Intermittent Fasting

With a combination of exercise and Intermittent Fasting, having a sauna session can help to boost weight loss. Using it over time has been proven to have many benefits for your appearance and health.

Sauna treatments during intermittent fasting helps in many ways. When in a sauna, the heat helps you sweat out not just water weight but toxins. Flushing these toxins will clean your lymphatic system. Regulating and clearing this system reduces the appearance of cellulite. 

Another common problem while fasting is insomnia, which can retard weight loss. Using a sauna puts your nervous system into a resting state, which helps you unwind and rest well at night.

Even though using the sauna will not burn pounds off, it burns more calories than just sitting. The study says you will burn 50% more calories sitting in a sauna than not being in one. It becomes more effective as well when doing Intermittent Fasting as your body is already burning calories.

Travel for Fasting’s health programs uses 72 hour intermittent fasting periods along with low-carb ketogenic eating windows and sauna treatments to cleanse and relax your body and burn more calories.

Professional help will be there to make sure you’re in the sauna for the right amount of time, so there isn't a risk of overheating or extreme dehydration. Using the sauna is a gradual process, especially for beginners. 

Travel For Fasting runs Intermittent Fasting programs in the most beautiful parts of the world. There are programs as short as 4 days and as long as 28 days, that help people just like you burn more calories after workout, get better sleep , and boost your confidence with a healthier appearance. 

The programs are affordable, comprehensive and are sure to get you the physical and in person support that is many times greater than if you try to do it by yourself at home.

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