Sleeping while Intermittent Fasting

Even while maintaining a good diet and consistently exercising, having a bad sleep cycle can overturn all the effort you put into losing weight. It is not a well known fact that insufficient sleep slows down your metabolism.

The clear cut reason is that when you try to stay awake while tired, your body needs to conserve energy to keep you awake. This means your metabolism is significantly slowed down instead of burning throughout the night. 

Sleep also prevents insulin resistance. With bad eating habits, your body has constant insulin spikes, which lead to weight gain. If your cells become insulin resistant your body will produce more insulin while the glucose remains in your bloodstream. In the end, the glucose gets stored in your body as fat.

Studies show that a short sleep duration increases the likelihood of obesity by over fifty percent in adults and a staggering 89% in children. The slowing of metabolism isn’t the only thing that comes from bad sleep schedules, but in many people also leads to an increased appetite.

But even if you were consistent with your meals, studies show that when people cut back on their sleep, the amount of weight they lost was 50% less even with equal calories.

Sleep is crucial to having a clear mind so you can make well thought out decisions. If you're sleep-deprived, it’s easier to fall into poor lifestyle habits.

Travel for Fasting’s health programs uses 72 hour intermittent fasting periods along with low-carb ketogenic eating windows while making sure you get consistent sleep, which will lead you to clearer thinking, more energy in the daytime, and faster metabolism.

Even if you're suffering from insomnia, there are activities you can take part in so that you’ll be able to get sleep for the next day.

Travel For Fasting runs Intermittent Fasting programs in the most beautiful parts of the world. There are programs as short as 4 days and as long as 28 days, that help people just like you get better sleep, lower the risk of insulin resistance, and burn more calories at night.

The programs are affordable, comprehensive and are sure to get you the physical and in person support that is many times greater than if you try to do it by yourself at home.

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