Travel For Fasting

  •     Gillian Ayian

    After reaching her highest weight possible, she knew had to make a change in her life. Follow in on Gillian's weight loss story.

  •     Andy Dainty

    Andy once constantly plagued by the thoughts of public judgement, now finds himself running marathons and living his best, healthiest life. Learn about Andy's past to now his current state, where he runs 5k daily, and learn what steps he took to get there.

  •     Layla Lucas

    She didn't want to be the "fat mum." Layla having her own children, found constant problems in where her weight came first before enjoying time with family. Follow in this story of how this mum changed herself from being exhausted all the time, do walking even through the rain.

  •     Abril Hark

    Once fit and active individual Abril has taken the lash from quarantine. Tune into Abril's story and find out how she went from suffering to success.

  •     Kelly McIntosh

    For Kelly, she has been battling weight her entire life. But even still, she doesn’t let her age win the battle to get her life back!

  •     Klaudio Luarasi

    In Klaudio's journey, he takes a on the challenge of losing weight and ridding of his laziness through Intermitten Fasting. Read in on how he improves his mental health from his past life.

  •     Jacqueline Smith

    For Jacqueline, she overcame her comfort habits of emotional eating and lack off discipline to completely turn her life around and lose and outstanding 11 inches off her waist!

  •     Amanda Wetekemp

    In Amanda’s story, read about her amazing weight loss journey, and dealing with perfectionism. She doesn’t just makes Intermittent Fasting a diet, but incorporates it into her lifestyle.

  •     Siggi Pálma

    Follow throughout Siggi Palma's journey through his weight loss. For many people, feeling older, or being older is a reason to why they don't see the reason to lose weight. Just because you felt that life has already passed, or "I've lived this long" should never be a reason to hold you back from achieving your best self.

  •     Lisa W. King

    When it comes to Lisa Webber weight loss, you'll find the importance of having helping characters by your side. Weight loss can be a challenging journey, and when you feel like quitting it is good to have backup, alongside your continuous discipline.

  •     Rollie Rainer

    When it comes to the battle of losing weight, not everyone can win. But today, we talk about a successor, Rollie Rainer, a father, who passed the challenges and brutal hit of the covid-19 economic downfall, and had miraculously shed off 160 pounds.