How walking and Intermittent Fasting Tie Together

It’s known that incorporating exercise into an Intermittent Fasting regimen helps you burn more calories, reduce blood glucose levels and lose weight faster.

With a lack of physical activity, it can be easy to pack on pounds throughout the years. To be able to effectively lose weight, you need to use up more glucose that is stored in your fat and liver.

It's a common mistake for people to think that working out for hours and hours is the only way to make a change, but simply taking thirty minutes out of your day to walk gives more benefits than not moving at all. You will find that your mood will improve, your muscles will become leaner, and you’ll have less chance of cardiovascular problems.

A study shows participants who walked 150-200 minutes a week to report having more energy, better emotional health and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

If you’re not exercising, your body will naturally underperform, making it harder to stay motivated or energetic. How much you walk affects the way you think, as a study from Stanford states walking can boost your creativity up by 60%. 

Travel for Fasting’s health programs uses 72 hour intermittent fasting periods along with low-carb ketogenic eating windows and morning walks that build up stamina, rejuvenate your energy and consumes glucose stored as fat.

Morning group walks last an hour, and help you build healthy habits to take back home. 

Travel For Fasting runs Intermittent Fasting programs in the most beautiful parts of the world. There are programs as short as 4 days and as long as 28 days, that help people just like you become healthier, consistently exercise, lower health risks, and make you feel more energetic.

The programs are affordable, comprehensive and are sure to get you the physical and in person support that is many times greater than if you try to do it by yourself at home.

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